Cas du Pree was born as the eldest of 2, in Schiedam, Zuid-Holland, as Michael Cassander du Pree. As a young boy he wanted to join the conservatory of Rotterdam but this never happened. Instead he went to school to become a hairdresser, which he had to give up because of eczema on his hands due to the products. His musical dream never ceased.

In 1997 he participated in the Vara Children song contest and managed to place in the top 5 of Zuid-Holland. He sang the song 'Witte muizen' of Kinderen voor Kinderen. In 1998 he participated again with the song '100 avonturen' and got into top 5 again. This was not enough for the national finale.

After that, singing was put on hold until he went to a karaoke bar in Spijkenisse in 2007. This is where he sang 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' from Elton John. Soon he was asked to sing other songs and compete in regional talent shows. These were never won and this resulted in a break.

This break was interrupted in 2008 when a scout approached him via Youtube. He was asked to audition for a boyband where he got into. Within one week they recorded their first single, but the boyband as well as the single were never released. His love for music however, grew stronger.

In 2009 Cas moved to the eastern part of the Netherlands and started taking vocal lessons. Ever since that time he played multiple roles in amateur musicals together with his boyfriend. They got married in 2015 in Brummen, where they also live.

Music got more serious in 2019. He started an A Capella vocal group where he sang as tenor, and played a part in a theatre piece of REL producties who created a piece about multiple difficult subjects such as homosexuality and cancer. This inspired him to start writing his own music.

His debut single 'A Better Me' was released on June 17th 2020 and is about setting aside insecurities and following your dreams. After this single he started working towards an autobiographic album, which contains difficult subjects coated in popballads with a hint of rock.

While this album was being created, a few singles were released. At the end of 2020 he released a cover of 'Beautiful In White' and in 2021 a new cover was released of the British singer-songwriter Aidan Martin called 'Punchline'. These singles were followed up by an original collaboration with the Dutch producer IDRIS. The single 'IDGAF' was a sunny dance track and showed a different side of Cas.

His Album 'Getting To Know Me' released on may 13th 2022. Before that, 2 more singles were released of which 'Untouchable' was the first. Since the album he works on a regular basis with his producer Arron Storey and a new EP of them will be released in 2024.

Since 2023 Cas has his own radio show on the English station Radio XRP. In Banging Sarcasm on wednesday evenings he plays a selection of worldwide indie artists in the pop genre.

After the EP 'Neon Nights' they started working on a new album. The album will be created with Arron Storey and Hugh 'ZephyrHillMusic' Webber which call themselves the golden trio. The album does seem to contain a few more collaborations and will be a strong follow up of 'Getting To Know Me'. Although the new album will be a totally different style, the recognizability will remain intact.