Cas - By Photasia
Cas - By Photasia

I am Cas,

A young man of 33 years old. Ever since I was little boy I wanted nothing more then to sing and dance and study at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. The last thing did not happen (yet).

I was raised with different kinds of music. For example I regularly heard ABBA, Queen, Pink Floyd, and UB40 come by.

Soon after hearing Celine Dion I turned out to have an enormous love for ballads. In a later stage I started expressing that love and soon I competed in talent shows. My very first talent show was the Vara Kinder Songfestival. This is where I became 2nd of Zuid-Holland. I wanted more, but never had the guts to take the actual step into the music business.

In 2019 I felt my time had come and I started my own A capella vocal group FreshTone.

With the friends and connections I built up over the years I managed to find my voice. I am a tenor with a voice range from E2 to G5. That range ensures that I have a lot of songs to choose from.


The past years I had the pleasure to meet and work with many singers and musicians. With most of them I still work on a regular basis.

Sandra de Bruin - Pianist / Conductor / Repetitor

Frans Rinsma - Trompettist / Arranger / Producer

Karel Tadema - Gitarist / Componist / Arranger

Linda de Wit - Singer

Charlotte Oosterwegel - Singer

Studio Barne - Producer

That's why performances can always be adjusted to the right mood and setting. If you're curious about the possibilities, feel free to get in touch! 

Cas - By Wessel Donkervoort
Cas - By Wessel Donkervoort